Single Mint Plant

£1.50 - £800.00

(the photo is of a beautiful but unknown variety - possibly Himalayan Mint)

Our mints are all currently sold as small bare roots (plugs and plants can be arranged) and are posted in an eco-friendly way. If you order between October and March they will be posted out as soon as possible when the growing season starts (usually around April here).

For a more precise naming of each of these mints, please go to the Mintopædia where we've tried our very best to match the correct Latin name to the Common name of each of these plants. It isn't always easy with mint - and so we have to rely heavily on our mintellect.

If you want the full minty - you will be getting some very rare mints (you lucky thing you!) - so full growing instructions will be included.

If you want more than one mint it may be worthwhile checking out the various Collections for a cheaper alternative?