All things minty, but mainly just mint. This shop allows the connoisseur, the interested, botanist, or gourmand the chance to buy collections of, or individual, mint plants from around the world.

We've tried our very best to match the correct Latin name to the Common name of each of these plants, but it isn't always easy with mint - and so we have to rely heavily on our mintellect.

PLEASE NOTE - Pennyroyal Mint is a traditional folk remedy, emmenagogue, abortifacient, and culinary herb, but is toxic to the liver and has caused some deaths when taken in the form of the extracted essential oil. It can cause abortions so caution is advised.

On the odd occasion a mint may not be available and so we will be able to either offer a substitute or give you a timeframe of when it will become available again. The collection continues to grow and more mints and minty facts will be added as the mint-clock ticks on.

Common Name - Latin Name

After Eight Mint - Mentha x piperita 'After Eight'

Almira Strawberry - Mentha spicata f. Strawberry 'Almira'

Apple Mint (sometimes Round-leaved Mint misapplied) -  Mentha x villosa aka Mentha spicata x suaveolens,  or Mentha Rotundfolia misapplied

Armenian Horsemint - Mentha longifolia 'Vaik'

Atlas Mountains Mint - Mentha suaveolens ssp. timija

Azerbaijan Horsemint - Mentha longifolia 'Lahij'

Banana Mint - Mentha arvensis 'Banana'

Basil Mint - Mentha x piperita f. citrata 'Basil'

Berber Mint - Mentha spicata 'Berber'

Berries and Cream Mint - Mentha spicata ‘Berries and Cream’

Blackcurrant Mint - Mentha 'Blackcurrant'

Black Mitcham Mint - Mentha x piperita 'Black Mitcham'

Black Peppermint - Mentha x piperita vulgaris or Mentha × piperita 'Piperita'

Bowles Mint - (confusingly named Large Apple Mint, Old fashioned Mint, Foxtail Mint, Hairy Mint, Woolly Mint, Cuban Mint, Yerba Buena) - Mentha × villosa var. alopecuroides 'Bowles mint' (Mentha x villosa = M. spicata x M. suaveolens, or M. nemorosa)

Brundall Mint - Mentha spicata 'Brundall Mint'

Buddleja Mint - Mentha longifolia Buddleja Mint Group

Buddleja Mint Variegated - Mentha longifolia Buddleja Mint Group Variegated

Chocolate Mint - Mentha x piperita f. citrata 'Chocolate'

Corn Mint - Mentha arvensis

Corsican Mint - Mentha requienii

Cretan Mint - Mentha longifolia var. 'Crete'

Curly Mint - Mentha spicata var. 'Crispa', or Mentha x piperita 'Crispa'

Cyprus Mint - Mentha spicata 'Cyprus'

Dionysus Mint - Mentha spicata ‘Dionysus’ 

Eastern Mint or Desert Mint - Mentha longifolia ssp. schimperi

Eau de Cologne Mint - Mentha x piperita f. citrata 'Eau de Cologne'

English Lamb Mint - Mentha 'English Lamb'

Eucalyptus Mint - Mentha x piperita f. citrata ‘Eucalyptus’

Garden Mint - Mentha Sachalinensis 

Garden Mint - Mentha Sativa

Ginger Mint - Mentha x gracilis, Mentha x gentilis, or Mentha arvensis x Mentha spicata

Ginger Mint Variegated - Mentha gracilis ‘Variegata’

Grannie's Gloucester Mint - 'Grannie's Gloucester'

Grapefruit Mint - Mentha x piperita f. citrata ‘Grapefruit’

Guernsey Mint - See Le Boues Mint

Habek Mint - Mentha longifolia ‘Habek’

Hart's Pennyroyal or Water Spearmint - Mentha cervina

Hart's Pennyroyal 'Alba' or Water Spearmint - Mentha cervina 'alba'

Hillary’s sweet lemon Mint - Mentha arvensis ‘Hillary’s Sweet Lemon’

Horsemint - Mentha longifolia, or Mentha sylvestris 

Jack Green Mint - Mentha cordifolia ‘Jack Green’ (also referred to as Mentha villosa)

Japanese Mint - Mentha arvensis var. piperascens

Jessica’s Sweet Pear Mint - Mentha ‘Jessica’s Sweet Pear’

Julia's Sweet Citrus Mint - Mentha arvensis ‘Julia’s Sweet Citrus'

Kentucky Colonel Mint - Mentha spicata 'Kentucky Colonel'

Lake Van Mint - Mentha longifolia 'Lake Van'

Lavender Mint - Mentha x piperita f. citrata 'Lavender'

Le Boues Mint - Mentha suaveolens 'Le Boues', or Mentha spicata ‘Guernsey’

Lemon Mint - Mentha x piperita f. citrata 'Lemon'

Lemon arvensis Mint - Mentha arvensis ‘Lemon Mint’

Lime Mint - Mentha x piperita f. citrata 'Lime'

Mandarin Mint - Mentha x piperita f. citrata 'Mandarin'

Mexican Mint - Mentha spicate 'Mexican'

Mojito Mint - Mentha suaveolens var. crispa 'Mojito'

Moroccan Mint - Mentha spicata var. crispa 'Moroccan'

Nevis Mint - Mentha x piperita f. citrata 'Nevis'

Newbourne Mint - Mentha spicata ‘Newbourne’

Nile Valley Mint - Mentha spicata 'Nile Valley'

Orange Mint - Mentha x piperita f. citrata 'Orange'

Orange 'Granada' Mint - Mentha x piperita f. citrata 'Orange Granada'

Pennyroyal 'Creeping' or  Cunningham Mint - Mentha pulegium (aka Mentha Cunninghamii)

Pennyroyal 'Greek form' - Mentha pulegium 'Greek form'

Pennyroyal Portugese - Mentha pulegium ‘Upright Portuguese Pennyroyal’

Pennyroyal ‘Upright’ - Mentha pulegium 'Upright'

Peppermint (see White and Black Peppermint) - Mentha piperita

Pineapple Mint - Mentha suaveolens var. 'Variegata'

Polynesian Mint - Mentha spicata 'Polynesian'

Red Raripila Mint, Red Mint, Rustfree Mint, Pea Mint, Tall Mint - Mentha x smithiana, or Mentha rubra (M. aquatica x M. arvensis x M. spicata)

Russian Curled Leaf Mint - Mentha spicata ‘Russian Curled Leaf’

Russian Plain Leaf Mint - Mentha spicata ‘Russian Plain Leaf’

Scotch Mint (see ginger mint) - Mentha x gracilis, Mentha gentilis, or Mentha arvensis x Mentha spicata

Silver-leaved Horsemint - Mentha longifolia 'Silver'

Spanish Mint - Mentha spicata ‘Spanish’

Spearmint - Mentha spicata, Mentha viridis, Mentha Sativa, or Mentha cordifolia

Stavordale Mint - Mentha spicata 'Stavordale'

Strawberry Mint - Mentha spicata f. strawberry

Swiss Mint - Mentha x piperita f. citrata ‘Swiss Mint’

Swiss Ricola Mint - Mentha x piperita f. citrata 'Swiss Ricola’

Tajikistan Mint - Mentha longifolia 'Tajik Silver'

Tangerine Mint - Mentha x piperita f. citrata 'Tangerine'

Tashkent Mint - Mentha spicata 'Tashkent'

Thai Mint - Mentha arvensis 'Thai'

Turkish Green Mint - Mentha spicata 'Turkish Green'

Vietnamese Mint - Mentha 'Vietnam'

Water Mint - Mentha aquatica

Wild Mint Japanese Heilminze, Bo He, or Minzölpflanze - Mentha arvensis ssp. Haplocalyx

White Peppermint 'Aura' - Mentha x piperita f. officinalis var. 'Aura'

Yakima Chewing Gum Mint - Mentha Spicata 'Yakima'